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From our clients:

“Jim’s biggest strengths are his sincere and positive nature coupled with his commitment to being a lifelong student. He seems eager to learn from his experiences as well as pass on his knowledge to his clients. If you have an opportunity to work with Jim, take it.”

Joe Jobe, CEO, National Biodiesel Board

“My teams left his sessions inspired and with valuable perspectives and insights that they can use on the job every day. I could not have been more pleased with Jim’s contributions and positive impact on my organization.”

President, North America Commercial Operations, Grifols Inc.

“I’ve been in Sales Leadership for over 30 years and often use motivational speakers at my sales kick off meeting. I’ve used industry leaders, authors, American hero’s and athletes. Jim was the best of the best. I would certainly recommend Jim and will plan to use him again at future events.”

Vice President & General Manager, Global Sales, Dell | Global Segment

“Thank you my friend. Tonight was another home run. The team (board and leaders) was quite impressed. You nailed it. Looking forward to you at one of my larger gatherings.”

Chief Executive Officer and President, Apogee Enterprises

“I’ve been a financial advisor for over 30 years and I have never been more inspired by the speech that Jim Craig gave to our group. Jim provided me with the energy and vision to understand that my job is to grow and protect people’s legacies.”

Financial Advisor, Janus

“The memorabilia were a huge hit. I would have missed this opportunity for a personal touch had you and your team not educated me.”

President, Rochester Lead Works, Inc.

“Jim Craig recently spoke to a packed room of our Advisors and their clients. As a memento, we utilized 4×6 autographed Jim Craig pictures…one was given to each of the attendees. They were a huge hit and really put a bow around the event.”

Vice President – Wealth Management, Complex Business Development Officer, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“I am looking forward to Jim giving more talks with a focus on the importance of screening and will continue to grow this program. Jim has a wonderful way to utilize his celebrity, passion and knowledge for such a good cause. This was a great visit.”

Interventional Cardiologist, Heart Care Centers of Illinois

“Thanks for another masterful appearance. We truly enjoy working with you and we are all excited to be working with you for another two years.”

Western North America, Endovascular Sales, W.L. Gore & Associates

“Jim, great to reconnect with you after so many years. A number of my advisors approached me after the meeting and expressed to me their gratitude in the stories and perspective that you shared. I look forward to working together in the future.”

Complex Business Development Officer, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Great Teams Manage Through Ego and Conflict
  “Great Teams Manage Through Ego and Conflict” is one of the nine Gold Medal Strategies that I speak on, write about, and teach. “Great Team Manage Through Ego and Conflict” is also the title of chapter 8 of my business book, Gold Medal Strategies: Business Lessons From America's Miracle Team. Ego and conflict need not be destructive. In...

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