Looking for a way to sustain your corporate message throughout the year? Take your company goals and messages and make them sustainable throughout the year in a cost efficient way by hiring Jim Craig and his team to provide you our Gold medal strategies' highly successful conference call series.

The Gold Medal Strategies conference call series fully engages participants with the goal of pulling greatness out of everyone and reinforcing your corporate message. Jim Craig and staff will prepare your team through pre-reads from his highly successful book Gold Medal Strategies, worksheets and video clips.

Every conference call series is customized to the goals and objectives of our clients based on the topics below.

At the conclusion of each call, a report is generated and provided to leadership highlighting the involvement and preparedness of the participants.

Why utilize this type of training?

  • Focus on the attitude and leadership of a targeted group
  • Provide engaging, interactive, fun sessions for the attendees
  • Motivate and inspire the participants
  • Mindset shift from individuals to team players
  • Demonstrate how looking at the big picture and strategy will assist with company objectives
  • Ensure message sustainability over the course of the training

How we accomplish this:

  • Through a mix of video clips, anecdotes and interactive participation, we lead and inspire the attendees through a training workshop customized exclusively for your company’s needs and objectives.
  • Series can vary in length from 1 to 9 calls over a pre-selected amount of time customized to fit your needs.

Sample Conference Call Outline (60 minutes):

Introductions and Welcome –Leadership addresses group 5 minutes
Conference call topic and relevance of video 30 minutes
Tie into company objectives 15 minutes
Call to action for the participants by client leadership 5 minutes
Q & A, Review/ prep for next call (if applicable) 5 minutes

Each Package includes:

  • Customized training platform
  • Pre-Conference Calls with Management to align goals
  • Video clips sent out prior to calls matching Gold Medal Strategy topic
  • 1 Page worksheet for each call with customized reinforcement of messaging
  • Certificates of completion signed by Jim Craig for each participant

I had the pleasure of working with Jim Craig during my time at Avis Budget Group. He was a great partner and his unique perspective was invaluable. I worked closely with Jim as a speaker for conferences as well as monthly follow-up conference calls to reinforce the leadership lessons discussed during the live events. The monthly calls were led by three former conference attendees with guidance from myself and Jim. Jim provided tough feedback to the leaders of the calls around executive presence, storytelling and how to maintain audience attention and participation. I truly enjoyed working with Jim - he took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to accomplish.


Kate McKinnon, Learning Partner, Avis Budget Group