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Items are perfect for room drops, welcome packet inserts, high end gifting, team building reinforcement and executive level gifting.


Jerseys are a great tool for team building and are always a big hit!

Custom or Autographed Jerseys are the perfect option for high level gifting. Whether it is for a President’s Club, a CEO/Executive, Salesperson of the Year, etc. the jerseys will recognize those for their outstanding work! These jerseys also provide the unique opportunity to reinforce your meeting’s objectives and goals. They are an amazing tool to bring people together as one team after an acquisition or create foot traffic at your company’s booth! Gold Medal Strategies also can work with your team to create a customized sales incentive program that begins after the meeting is over to keep your team motivated throughout the year!

  • <p style="color:#fff;">Director, Communications </p>

    After having Jim speak to our commercial team at our annual sales meeting, we challenged the team with an additional incentive: we awarded each team member who reached their quota with a personalized, autographed replica of the jersey Jim wore in the Olympics. The response was overwhelming! We had more than 85% of our team members reach and exceed their goals, most driven in Q4 over excitement to get a jersey. The jersey has become a point of pride and a reflection of a successful year to see one hanging up in a person’s office! The jersey and the personal touch by Jim were an outstanding additional incentive to the organization! It was a fun and creative way to drive sales and performance and stand as a symbol and a reminder of the key messages Jim shared with the team: teamwork and leadership.”

    <p style="color:#fff;">Director, Communications </p>
  • <p style="color:#fff;">Senior Manager, Events & Consultant</p>

    We decided the signed Jim Craig Jerseys would be a wonderful addition to our event. We ordered 70 of these for our VIP customers to tie into the keynote speaker session. The jerseys are great quality and were really well received. We like to think that we went the extra step to give our customers an exceptional experience at the event. We would highly recommend Jim Craig as a keynote speaker and would also recommend both the jerseys and the signed posters, which we also used. A huge thank you to Lisa at Gold Medal Strategies for organizing all of this for us and making it a smooth process.”

    <p style="color:#fff;">Senior Manager, Events & Consultant</p>
    BASF Corporation


Books are a great tool for reinforcing the "aha" moments of the presentation & training.

Autographed books and DVDs are great to purchase before the event to get your team prepared for Jim’s keynote. Not only will it increase attendance but the books or DVDs will get people excited for the event! This mid-tier gifting is a sustainable learning tool that will reinforce the theme and goals that you have set for the future. These collectables work perfect as a “room drop” or a unique follow up gift thanking all of those who attended while reinforcing the message of teamwork and perseverance.

  • <p style="color:#fff;">Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships</p>

    "Jim did an amazing job delivering his keynote address at our team building event.  He spent the time to really understand who we are and our goals.  He delivered on point with all of our employees engaged and energized. Jim and his team worked with us with some great gifting ideas that tied it all together. The Olympic hockey jerseys and the Miracle DVDs thrilled all of our attendees.  The event was a huge success!"

    <p style="color:#fff;">Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships</p>
  • <p style="color:#fff;>Vice President, Sales</p>

    "The Miracle DVDs were sent to everyone who attended the meeting along with a letter from our President reinforcing our 1Team1Mission mentality and the importance of everyone performing with excellence in their individual roles as we work together as a team. It is critical for success, especially during crisis situations. We have received great feedback! Thank you!"

    <p style="color:#fff;>Vice President, Sales</p>
  • <p style="color:#fff;">General Manager General Imaging Ultrasound</p>

    "Just wanted to tell you guys how much I and the entire sales team appreciated your new book and I have been receiving great feedback! I find that I really enjoy a book that I fundamentally connect with the main points, they ring true with me to my core, yet you’ve articulated the strategies in a unique fashion with your experiences that really brings to light both the significance and impact in a personal way. Thanks for creating this great piece of work and all your support of our team!"

    <p style="color:#fff;">General Manager General Imaging Ultrasound</p>
    GE Healthcare


Customized hockey pucks & sticks make for a great tool to reward your attendees.

Autographed hockey pucks and sticks are not only a crowd pleaser but can be completely customizable. They not only can be used as mass audience giveaways or a room drop, but we have seen success when clients utilize them at their trade shows or booths. Our unique customized pucks can include your company’s logo or whatever message you are trying to drive home to your audience! These pucks please all demographics and symbolizes the victory that Jim and his teammates accomplished in 1980!

  • <p style="color:#fff;">VP Sales & Marketing</p>

    The autographed materials were raffled off throughout the night at our hospitality suite. They not only helped keep people in our suite but they also drew people back for multiple visits. They were highly sought after items and created a lot of excitement.

    <p style="color:#fff;">VP Sales & Marketing</p>
    BC Technical
  • <p style="color:#fff;">President</p>

    The memorabilia were a huge hit. I would have missed this opportunity for a personal touch had you and your team not educated me.

    <p style="color:#fff;">President</p>
    Rochester Lead Works, Inc.

Autographed Sticks are a Big Hit!


Jim can customize photos with a special message just for your audience.

Photos are a gifting option with endless possibilities. The header can be customized with an inspirational message, your company logo, or anything you desire! The photos can be a hand out, accompanying an invite or a thank you to your guests, or as a follow up to reinforce your goals and objectives from the event. Gold Medal Strategies has numerous options of photos including our proprietary photo of Jim searching the stands for his father after they defeated the USSR in one of the most memorable moments in sports history. Each photo we offer is iconic and are available in all different sizes and can be purchased pre-signed.

4x6 Autographed Photos

Fully Customizable on Back


8x10 Autographed Photos

Customizable Section


16x20 Autographed Photos

Fully Customizable

  • <p style="color:#fff;">Senior Manager, Support Services</p>

    We received several comments on the 4x6 cards. Some of our leaders really appreciated the nine points of establishing effective and successful teams. Great takeaways from Jim’s message. Each of the components really hit on the importance of reiterating expectations that we are all in it together. Just like our corporate theme, “Lets Own It – Better Together”.

    <p style="color:#fff;">Senior Manager, Support Services</p>
  • <p style="color:#fff;">Marketing Vice President </p>

    After reviewing the surveys it is even more apparent that you had a huge impact on our audience and your story was perfect complement to our theme and message. The way you tied your life lessons to our purpose and business through your storytelling was very inspiring. The signed photos and DVDs are great additions that help capture the day and make a lasting impression.

    <p style="color:#fff;">Marketing Vice President </p>

When Jim came in for a dinner event the evening prior to his keynote speeches, we were again “wowed” by Jim’s down-to-earth nature and also his immediate bonding with our key leaders in the organization. Jim took a genuine interest in every person in this dinner group and did his research on them prior to the event. He was a true professional. Our team was excited about the personalized book, DVD and jerseys as well as the pictures we took!

Jim’s keynote was amazing and well-received by everyone in the audience! He gave great stories of his achievements and was able to correlate these with the business we run and being leaders in our organization. I look forward to working with Jim and Gold Medal Strategies in the future and would highly recommend them for any company event!

Director of Talent Development
Zeigler Auto Group