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Jim is an amazing speaker! There’s no question why the US won gold with him on the team. He communicates a message that is so relevant that you walk out so motivated to accomplish any task in front of you. Jim is a down to earth man that respect the organization he is working with on an event. His excellent platform skills and communications leading up to the event is flawless. I really enjoyed working with Jim and look forward to partnering with him again.


Jonathan Conta, Senior Director


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Jim recently was the keynote speaker at my company’s annual user conference. While Jim is a fantastically dynamic speaker with a huge armament of great stories, I was most impressed with his preparation and the integration of my company’s mission and goals into his talk. Jim took the time to understand us, our business, and our customers – he took that knowledge and personalized what could easily have been a one-size-fits-all talk and made it anything but. His messages reinforced key take-home themes from the broader meeting, and he had the audience’s attention throughout the presentation. Jim and his team were a joy to work with, and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.


Don Sawyer


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Had the opportunity to have Jim assist my leadership team with true accountability. Jim challenged the team and took them from a place of discomfort and vulnerability to a level of sharing and personal accountability that we have not experienced. Jim has helped us lay the foundation for a winning locker room. Nothing could be more important for our success ! Winning isn’t accidental – it’s the result of teamwork and the ability to hold each other accountable- there is no better Coach to help you build your winning locker room.


Denny Moynihan


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If you’re looking to motivate a team, then this is your guy. Jim spoke at our company’s leadership meeting. He spent time understanding our company, tailored his presentation to our needs, and immediately connected with our team. His team was a pleasure to work with in the run up to the event. Can’t say enough about our positive experience working with Jim.


Managing Partner

Pinsonault Associates

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Jim Craig, motivational speaker and strategist for teamwork and sales training has worked with clients across numerous business sectors.


“Jim Craig delivered a captivating keynote presentation at our national meeting to 400 + pharmaceutical/biotech executives, as he took us back in time to 1980 when the USA hockey team accomplished what no one ever thought they could do – win an Olympic gold medal. Jim inspired the audience by creating parallels between the USA hockey team success and how hard work, determination, teamwork, accountability and the importance of creating a legacy can lead to meeting and exceeding any goal. Jim knocked it out of the park and helped us create a memorable meeting!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

The Westfield Group


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“Jim’s appearance was nothing less than the perfect commencement to launch a product and a company in such a very impressive way. His experience coupled with his distinctive presentation was a custom fit for our client’s audience. Jim tailored his presentation around our client’s company, their core values and objectives at hand, while lending very personal anecdotes that complimented the overall meeting theme and messaging of the product. After Jim’s presentation, he maintained a very approachable nature, indulging our group by honoring requested photos and autograph signings with true class and kindness.”

VP, Sales


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“We had the pleasure of having Jim Craig speak for our sales organization I was impressed by many aspects of Jim’s talk. I was overwhelmed with how many hours of investment in preplanning and doing research on our company and team Jim put into the event. I had never seen this type of pre-work from any previous speaker. Jim was spot on with the way that he identified with many of the challenges we face and was able to draw so many fitting analogies to his business and professional sports. He maintained great energy and passion in his presentation. It was clear that he actually cares about our company and people he works with and it came through in his keynote. Jim had a great summary of the key action points and led our team down a path of success.
I continue to get great feedback from my sales professionals and managers!!!”

Director of Marketing, Training & Development


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“From the opening music to the thunderous applause and cheers, Jim’s keynote presentation was on target and inspirational. He easily transferred his experience as a gold medal winning 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team member into real-world, every day motivation for our sales team, touting the benefits of hard work, accountability, and believing in the team. Jim’s words continue to inspire and motivate months later. Jim, thanks for setting the right tone for a successful sales meeting and for a successful sales year!”


Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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“Thank you again for making such a powerful and lasting impression on our US Sales organization. Your critical role in a most important moment in our country’s history was only surpassed by your presentation. You touched everyone with your passion and insight; you resonated with all through your relevant messaging and intimate approach. You left my team completely energized and full of possibilities. I thank you for far exceeding my high expectations.”


Manager, Training Operations

SPBT Meeting

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“Jim’s speech was great. I think it applied to everyone, not just sports fan because he had multiple messages for the audience. I heard many positive comments following his speech from people at DSI as well as random people in my breakout sessions. During the photo op, he was very cordial and engaging and this was the same at dinner.”


Associate Director of Sales Operations


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“Jim, “thank you” doesn’t seem enough to describe the gratefulness we feel about your impact on our National Sales Meeting last week in Albuquerque. Of course it was great to meet you, and spend time with an American sports icon…


However, the thing that means the most to me is that you took the time to get to know Healthpoint, individually and as a company our culture… and that you challenged leadership, as well as the sales force, to look at things in a different way. As a company, we have made it through some tough times over the past few years, and it would be easy to sit back and enjoy the calmer waters we have, but that is not what will lead us to long term success. Jim, you provided a good jolt of perspective for us, and helped us better understand that we need to pull greatness out of each other, to help us sustain the success we are having; not take it for granted.

Thank you also for showing us a bit of who you are, and not just the American sports icon. I enjoyed hearing about your success in print sales, taking a territory from $300K to $50 Million plus; about your parents, being a part of a large Irish catholic family, your daughter’s hockey team and more. These are all things that helped me and our group, not only see you as the guy on the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal stand, but as a guy we can relate to…a guy who came from little, like a lot of us, and made success happen. Thank you for inspiring us to live a life that will leave a legacy as you are.
I look forward to working with you again Jim. Until then, I sincerely wish you and yours well.”

ALLDOCS board member

Dr. McIntyre

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“I thought that Jim’s appearance was special, not only for me personally, but also as a Board member.


The goal of the Board was to get our members inspired and to have them take another look at themselves. Many of our members are successful now, and have been for quite a while, so I believe that it is important to re-ignite the passion within ourselves on occasion. Jim did that–asking…

us to never get complacent; never “settle”; always keep striving for excellence. The members were surprised and thrilled to meet such an American icon, and I am thankful to B&L for making it happen. I believe that it added quite a bit to accomplishing the Board goals of having speakers at the meeting that the docs don’t get elsewhere.

Personally, it is a visit and talk that I will never forget–my wife and I had just taken our 4 children to Lake Placid in March, so it was fresh in our minds that those young men had accomplished something of a miracle. I played hockey growing up in Rhode Island, and to have the opportunity to talk to Jim the night before his talk was extra-special to me and my wife. Jim came across as genuinely caring about his message and the hope that our member-docs would embrace it. The feedback that I received from the docs was “mission accomplished.”

I really can’t thank Jim and B&L enough, but I will anyway–thank you all–I will cherish it forever.”


Vice President , U.S. Sales Operations


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“Jim’s appearance was the overwhelming highlight of the very successful event. He did a fantastic job and received rave reviews from all attendees. Our CEO has seen dozens of motivational speakers, is himself an accomplished public speaker and a very tough critic. Alan commented to me that that Jim was the best he had ever seen and that we had knocked it out of the park.

The preparation that Jim did was very evident and gave his talk added value above and beyond the intrinsic motivation and entertainment elements of Jim’s story. I sincerely appreciate his generosity with the management team afterwards. We all have pictures and autographs we will treasure forever.”

Physician Sales & Service


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“After reviewing the surveys it is even more apparent that you had a huge impact on our audience and your story was a perfect compliment to our theme and message. The way you tied your life lessons to our purpose and business through your storytelling was very inspiring. The signed photos and DVDs are great additions that help capture the day and make a lasting impression.”


Vice President Sales & Account Management

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

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Jim’s message and delivery was outstanding. He connected with the audience through a blend of humor and expertise and it was obvious as you heard his remarks he had done his homework in regards to who he was addressing that day. Jim was able to integrate many of the events that occurred leading up to and during …


the 1980 Olympic Gold medal run into life lessons for those of us in attendance that day. He challenged us to do things differently, to not fall into the status quo way of thinking, to not be in the position of looking back and realizing we could have achieved success if only we had pushed harder and that failure isn’t fatal, it is a process. Jim’s message will resonate with any audience and I highly recommend him.

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Byram Healthcare

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Jim not only spoke at our National Company Meeting recently, he was the primary reason why our sales team left the meeting on a mission to be the best. Jim did his homework prior to his inspiring and challenging speech by having several calls with myself and others to really understand our business and what Byram Healthcare was trying to accomplish. Once Jim understood what we were attempting to convey, he seamlessly weaved the contents of his nine Gold Medal Strategy lessons into his message. Our sales team was not only inspired but were able to take this coaching moment and turn it into outstanding results. Byram Healthcare is experiencing one of the strongest starts to the New Year in its history. I know Jim has played a significant role in this accomplishment.  I cannot endorse Jim and his company any higher. We have typically never had a guest speaker at our meetings. We plan to have Jim be a significant part of our meetings going forward.

Chief Operating Officer

Physicians Regional Medical Center – Collier Boulevard

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Amazing presentation! We recently had Jim speak to our physicians and surgeons here in Naples, FL at our two Medical Centers… he was inspirational, passionate, and very informative. No question reliving the Miracle On Ice through Jim’s “front row seat” was incredible… but most importantly his dedicated and heartfelt efforts to raise awareness for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) screenings was invaluable. We already have circled “our team” for a gold medal approach to an aggressive AAA campaign here!


Regional Business Director

Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Jim spoke to our organization last week and was truly an A+. His personal connection, preparation and motivation inspired our entire leadership team in a way that will be carried forward for a long, long time. Additionally, his book, Gold Medal Strategies is an excellent resource for managers to identify ways to inspire and win in the marketplace. Truly a class act – someone I know I’ll be friends with forever more.


Vice President, Sales

SI Bone

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Jimmy recently spoke at our 2015 National Sales Meeting and was the hit of the show! He spent a great deal of time researching our organization and really hit home in speaking to the unique challenges we have been facing as an organization. His themes on “teamwork” and “winning as an underdog with a shared dream” were truly impactful and inspirational. Jimmy was gracious with his time and a real pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to help rally the troops, Jimmy would be a great choice!


Senior VP Central Region, Medicare & Retirement

United HealthCare

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We’ve invited Jim to two of leadership events and on both occasions he has done an awesome job connecting his Gold medal experience with the everyday challenges a leader faces in today’s world. From preparation to execution and living his motto of “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”, Jim walks you through his story and how life will throw you some curveballs, but in the end it’s all about how you react to those obstacles and how your mindset, determination and hard work can make you come out a Victor in life vs the victim.



Director of Special Events

Banner Health Foundation

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Jim Craig recently served as our inspirational speaker at our annual Banner Health Candlelight Capers gala for 600+ people. He was a consummate professional – thoroughly prepared, immensely entertaining and truly engaging. Something special happened as soon as he stepped on stage. All were thrilled by his presence, and he created life-long memories with thoughtful, moving messages and a variety of timeless and fun stories. Frankly, our attendees clearly embraced him and we continue to receive tremendous feedback from a combination of corporate sponsors, VIP’s, donors and assorted guests regarding his appearance. My solid belief is that Jim would shine in front of any audience.

Director, R&D

Stryker Neuro, Spine, ENT

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“Jim Craig delivered an excellent message to a diverse group of individuals at Stryker. We had folks from Marketing, Sales, R&D, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Test Engineering, etc. all assemble as ONE team to hear Jim’s message. His keynote speech was very inspiring and impactful, keeping the entire audience engaged throughout! Afterwards I received several exceptional comments about Jim’s message and the group was left feeling very moved and inspired to WIN as ONE team!! Most have already started reading the Gold Medal Strategies book. Jim exceeded expectations in every aspect and I continue to hear many positive comments several weeks after the talk.”

Director, Communications

Philips / Volcano

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After having Jim speak to our commercial team at our annual sales meeting, we challenged the team with an additional incentive: we awarded each team member who reached their quota with a personalized, autographed replica of the jersey Jim wore in the Olympics. The response was overwhelming! We had more than 85% of our team members reach and exceed their goals, most driven in Q4 over excitement to get a jersey. The jersey has become a point of pride and a reflection of a successful 2015 to see one hanging up in a person’s office! The jersey and the personal touch by Jim were an outstanding additional incentive to the organization! It was a fun and creative way to drive sales and performance and stand as a symbol and a reminder of the key messages Jim shared with the team: teamwork and leadership.

SVP, Sales and Marketing

Bio Telemetry Inc.

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You nailed it! I have been a part of over 20 National Sales Meetings/Launch Meetings, and can undeniably state that this was the best keynote I have ever seen. Your message was perfect and exactly what my team needed to hear.