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May 4, 2020
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Miracle Motivation – Accountability

Let’s talk about ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability builds trust. Trust is the basis of all strong relationships, either personal or professional. Yet so often, accountability has a negative connotation – it is a concept we as individuals can shy away from. It is up to us to shift this narrative, to embrace this concept as not only a good thing, but a necessary thing in order to achieve success.

One of my favorite quotes is from Dan Zadra, where he says – “Some favorite expressions of small children: ‘It’s not my fault. They made me do it…I forgot.’ Some favorite expressions from adults: ‘It’s not my job. No one told me. It couldn’t be helped.’ True freedom begins and ends with personal accountability.”

What accountability really means is taking ownership of your actions and results, therefore eliminating the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior. Ultimately, accountability is synonymous with valuing your work, and isn’t that something we all want to do? This week, let’s work on this together – holding ourselves accountable to what we want to achieve.

A few tips on how to uphold personal accountability are listed below:
Create a personal mission statement – what is most important to you?
Set micro-goals with timelines – a task will take as long as you give it!
Use lists wisely – again, a to do without a timeline will never get done
Reward yourself – positive reinforcement encourages continued action
Do one task at a time – multi-tasking does not work; focus, channel in, and finish one task before you move to another
Emphasize your strengths, improve your weaknesses – continually strive to be better, as no one is a finished product
Value your time – schedule time blocks in your calendar, communicate when you can’t be distracted
Seek feedback – ask the people you are closest with for their honest opinion on your performance
Review yourself nightly and weekly – what can you do better next time?

Stay safe and believe!
Jim Craig

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