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The True Story Behind the Greatest Moment in Sports History, starring Kurt Russell as Coach Herb Brooks, and Eddie Cahill as Jim Craig. The story of the “Miracle on Ice” inspires fans of all ages, from adults who experienced the 1980 Olympics first-hand to children who weren’t alive at the time. Miracle’s retelling of the story captures the nature of the underdog story and how, with teamwork and a shared dream, even the loftiest of goals can be achieved. Because of this strong message, sports teams and corporations often use Miracle as a motivational and teaching tool as well. This is our most popular gift and is great for any occasion!. Testimonial on Miracle DVD “Even though I saw the game played in 1980 here we are some 30 years later and I’m crying watching the movie with Kurt Russell. The story is still inspirational after all these years. At a time when I am struggling to reclaim my life it is a powerful reminder that it’s not all about the hard work and will, it’s about believing. Thank you for being an inspiration for all these years.” Sharon L. Hill

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