January 7, 2019

New Year’s Resolution

And just like that 2019 is here and we are in full gear. Time never waits for us, we just try to make the best of the time we are given and decide how to best use it. Nothing is promised, and certainly nothing is guaranteed. In a split second, something could change the course of how we want to spend our time. However, each year we tell ourselves that it is a fresh start. A time we can make […]
September 30, 2016


In my humble opinion, the legacy that you leave behind determines the way in which you choose to live your life. Professionally or personally you should be setting an example and a standard for the next generation. You want to create a legacy that inspires, motivates, and drives the youth to be the best they possibly can be. This is not an easy task, especially with the world growing and constantly changing around us. However, it is our responsibility to […]
July 29, 2016


MY HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY COACHES – TWO VALUABLE MENTORS AND TWO WONDERFUL FRIENDS. I OWE A LOT TO DAVE CLEARY AND GERRY LINEHAN If you talk to almost any successful adult, you will find that he or she has had at least one important mentor from high school that has played an important and positive role in their emotional, moral, and cultural development that has led them to be the person they are today. I am fortunate enough to say […]
April 25, 2016


It’s funny. When Ben Smith discovered that I wanted to include him in my series of mentors who have most influenced and improved my life, he was a bit surprised. He maintains that, while he and I have long been good friends, and he knows that I think highly of him, he had not considered himself much of mentor to me. A reason that Ben didn’t think of himself as mentoring me is that the help and opportunities he provided […]