July 29, 2016


MY HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY COACHES – TWO VALUABLE MENTORS AND TWO WONDERFUL FRIENDS. I OWE A LOT TO DAVE CLEARY AND GERRY LINEHAN If you talk to almost any successful adult, you will find that he or she has had at least one important mentor from high school that has played an important and positive role in their emotional, moral, and cultural development that has led them to be the person they are today. I am fortunate enough to say […]
March 4, 2014


Customizing your organizations needs and objectives into a motivating and inspiring speech is something Jim Craig and Gold Medal Strategies is known for. Understanding your business and the unique challenges you are currently facing is a passion of Jim’s. Training and coaching your group to “be a part of something bigger then themselves” and to “win the day” are deliverables you can expect out of each keynote presentation Jim is a part of. Jim understands that your business is faced […]