Hiring Jim as our keynote speaker at Gartner was a winning strategy. Leading up to the event, Jim made himself available for multiple planning sessions. The event itself went off swimmingly, and the results exceeded our expectations. Jim has a …

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unique gift as a storyteller. He’s a very perceptive speaker who can easily adapt his messages to the audience. We would welcome the opportunity to leverage Jim again in the future.”

Senior Director

Marketing at DuPont Fabros Technology

“Winning a gold medal for your country is a rare accomplishment. Being able to listen to Jim Craig deliver a message on teamwork, meticulous recruiting and accountability is just as rewarding. To quote a few attendees “Best presentation …

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I have heard in a long time” and Wow, he had my attention the entire time’. Jim mixes a clear message on important topics in business with entertaining stories of the past. Fantastic speaker and even a better person to know. If you have not heard him speak, hire him.

Executive Vice President

Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Aflac Incorporated

“Jim Craig recently presented on the topic of TEAMWORK at an all-firm event. While preparing for the event, Jim proactively researched our firm, our industry, the people who run our firm, and the audience. Jim created a presentation that was both engaging and motivational in which he …

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shared his own unique Olympic hockey team experiences but also relayed the lessons learned in a way that showed how they are applicable to any team. We hosted a cocktail reception following Jim’s presentation, and he made the effort to get around and speak to everyone in attendance. We have gotten many compliments on this event and people have been excited to receive a copy of Jim’s book. I would highly recommend Jim Craig as a speaker for a corporate (or other type of team) function.”

Sands Capital Management


““I would fully recommend Jim Craig as a key note speaker. Jim’s preparation and delivery were simply outstanding. He took the time to learn our business and built an inspirational and motivational story for our team. I plan to try to utilize Gold Medal Strategies again as it is a perfect fit for leaders in a competitive environment. Go Team USA!”

National Sales Director


“Your presence, delivery and motivational speech at the AARP “Ideas @ 50” annual convention was inspirational. You took it upon yourself to meet with each and every one individually, pose for pictures and were easily approachable for autographs, none of which you were …

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required to do. Your presentation to the audience, both old and young was a message for the ages. I took special notice of the reactions of the group, and to say they were captivated would be an understatement. You have a special spirit that is contagious to those around you.I can go on with superlatives, but I am sure you have received them throughout your entire career. What stood out for me most and for how I rate a man, is the humble way you go about your daily life. You live honestly, with integrity and true Spirit”.

SVP, Distribution/Operations


“Welcome again to Team Kellogg’s! On behalf of Kellogg Company, we wanted to thank you for a successful kick off to the “Kellogg’s Great Starts” athlete tour. Our employees were captivated by your journey to the Olympics and were inspired by your advice to get …

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“comfortable with the uncomfortable”. As well, your personal anecdotes helped keep the group engaged and they were on the edge of their seats awaiting your next tip on how to succeed.As seen by our employee feedback, you were able to motivate the team to push for their personal best and step outside their comfort zone. Multiple people shared that you were the best speaker they have seen and you really raised the energy within our organization.

For me, I will continue to inspire my team to be a “team of dreamers” so we can all reach our greatness.
We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Doug VanDeVelde Kellogg Company

Senior Vice President Morning Foods Marketing and Innovation

“We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Jim. We are still hearing incredible feedback on Jim’s appearance and speech. Jim did an incredible job customizing his speech to our company. We were so impressed by his preparation and knowledge of our company …

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from how our business model works to the overall state of the company. Jim also had a very clear understanding of our CEO’s strategy for the future and customized his presentation to deliver that strategy in a way that our audience could relate to. When you combine this business knowledge with his fascinating stories from the 1980 Olympics, it is a winning combination that our audience related to and loved.It was evident very quickly how personally Jim took the task of speaking and motivating our audience and company. He cared deeply about what we needed as a company and delivered it in his speech. Jim was incredible to work with and he was also very respectful to our staff. Everyone who met Jim was impressed at how kind and personable he is. Jim’s staff was also incredible to work with. Lisa was very thorough and professional, but also very personable. She is a true extension of Jim’s personal brand. We are so extremely grateful to Jim for all that he did to make our annual convention a success. We sold out of Jim’s books before he even spoke! People gravitate to Jim and his message of what it means to be a team. We look forward to working with Jim again in the future.”

Event Producer


“I was thoroughly impressed with Jim’s recent presentation to our Sales organization during our annual kick-off event. With full disclosure, I am an avid hockey fan with fond memories of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, so I was eagerly anticipating Jim’s speech. But I was truly surprised …

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But I was truly surprised at how effective Jim was in conveying his overall message. Jim is a natural storyteller, so there is an easy engagement and anticipation with the audience. Beyond that, Jim effectively translates the key message of his stories into a relevant business context. Jim took the time to meet with Bright House sales leaders ahead of time in order to understand our key company values and objectives, and then he interlaced these thoughts into his overall message. It was an effective mix of intriguing storytelling with a pertinent business message, presented with an overall sense of enthusiasm and energy that really motivated the audience. It truly was one of the best motivational speeches I have attended.”

SVP, Network Engineering & Sales

Bright House Networks

“Fantastic!” “Awesome!” “Best Ever!” “These were just a few of the accolades I heard after our annual award recognition event. Jim’s easy presence on stage had everyone’s attention and the audience enjoyed every story. Every story was relatable. Every shot was a goal.

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Jim tailored his message to our meeting and our audience. I really liked the way Jim was able to put meaning into his stories, some inspirational messaging for the attendees to walk away with. And all of this was done with a great sense of humor. In the days following Jim’s presentation, the attendees were still buzzing. For me, the test of the quality of a speaker is simple; would you hire him again? With Jim Craig, the answer is absolutely yes.”


Plum Moving Media

“I’ve received many extremely positive comments about Jim’s keynote speech at our Ethics & Compliance event last week. His speech was everything I hoped for and more. It is one thing to impart the right messages, but a true motivator inspires action and that is what Jim accomplished.

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Having Jim as the keynote speaker at our event was a great decision with overwhelmingly positive results. I would strongly suggest to any company looking for a motivational speaker to make the same choice.”

Ethics & Compliance Manager

Proctor & Gamble

“Jim’s keynote speech was a resounding success! It was energetic, entertaining, and he hit on all of the keys points we discussed prior to the presentation. If that wasn’t enough, Jim was able to keep the audience engaged, attentive, and excited throughout the presentation.

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We have had a number of reputable keynote speakers for our annual National Meeting, but I have to say that Jim’s speech stood out above the rest! Wireless Lifestyle highly recommends Jim to any company or organization looking to drive motivation to their team.”

Vice President of Retail

Wireless Lifestyle

“Jim Craig understands and embodies what it takes to create a “Gold Medal” experience in many ways. His recent appearance at our event certainly fit that bill. Between his obvious preparation, inspiring storytelling, and genuinely down-to-earth demeanor Jim was an absolute …

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hit with my clients! It was a pleasure to have him at both our breakfast and on our main stage for the event and, if I could sum up the experience in one word, it would be “phenomenal.”

SVP Business Development

Cetera Financial Group

“Jim’s keynote address at our 2013 Annual Leadership Conference hit a “home run” with our audience of 500 bank officers. The audience was completely engaged the minute he stepped on stage! Jim has the uncanny ability to make you feel as …

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though he is speaking directly to you not to a room of 500 people. Jim did his homework ahead of time to make sure his message was aligned with management’s expectations and objectives. His message about leading a group of individuals, to working together and achieving a shared goal was right on target with our bank’s philosophy and the group related instantly to his story. Jim was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to help us recognize a special employee. Jim was truly an outstanding speaker and I look forward to identifying future opportunities to work with Jim again.”

President & CEO

NBT Bancorp Inc.

“Jim, great to reconnect with you after so many years. A number of my advisors approached me after the meeting and expressed to me their gratitude in the stories and perspective that you shared. I look forward to working together in the future.”

Complex Business Development Officer

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“We recently had Jim Craig come speak at our National Sales Meeting as he fit perfectly with the theme: Fresh Tracks. Given that Jim and his fellow Miracle on Ice team members did something that no one thought could happen…

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I thought who better than to help us do the same. Jim fit in very well with the group as he is a humble, down to earth guy. I received a lot of feedback that he was among the best presenters they had seen and they loved how personable he was with his anecdotes and style. I also had the pleasure to read through Jim’s book and I was impressed with how well written it was, how solid the sales advice was and overall how much his story and attitude can continue to inspire to victory. I would certainly recommend Jim as a speaker as by the end of the conference, he felt more like part of the team, not a just a speaker.”

Director of Strategic and National Accounts,

Medtronic Advanced Energy

“Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with. He took the time to really understand our business and tailor his message to our company accordingly. He showed great personal interest and enthusiasm in the team he was speaking with,…

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which made his impact immeasurable. Jim even won over the usual skeptics who never seem to get behind anything. Jim’s message is real. While his timeless story remains one of the most remarkable moments of our lifetime, his message is very current and meaningful to any company.”



“Jim is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Our audience enjoyed hearing him, and we had a successful fundraiser in terms of jersey sales. This audience was not the typical SAAAVE audience, as it was made up of the very individuals who diagnose and treat aneurysms.

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Basically, Jim and our group have an identical mission. We are pleased to have him out there spreading the word with regard to AAA screening. I think having Jim speak gave our efforts momentum, and I don’t think our fundraising efforts would have been as successful without him.”


Florida Vascular Foundation

“Jim recently addressed a group of our most senior leaders and clearly connected with them from the moment he took the stage. His messaging was completely on point with the theme of our meeting and his presentation served …

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to both entertain and motivate our audience. The overall consensus from our leaders was that Jim was truly one of the best outside speakers with whom we have worked. In fact, our firm has engaged Jim more than once, truly a testament to his abilities.”

Regional Tax Managing Partner – Northeast

Deloitte Tax LLP

“We have heard from multiple Supervalu executives that their ‘favorite’ evening on the cruise was spent with Jim Craig. While he is an American icon, he was so personal and willing to engage with everyone in the group! He also did a remarkable job helping us …

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understand how his experience can be linked back to a work environment! Thank you for the opportunity to have Jim join us at dinner…it was incredibly valuable to building our partnership with Supervalu!”

AVP Shopper Marketing Central Team


“When I want to motivate and inspire a group of seasoned professionals, I know that Jim Craig will help make it happen. No one tires of the miracle on ice story, but Jim doesn’t rest on those laurels. He inspires with an understanding of business and his message of teaming and …

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commitment. I have worked with Jim on two different occasions and have been impressed both times, not only with his inspiring story and message, but also with his personal commitment to understand my objectives and customize his messages to those. Jim and his staff are professional and organized, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring a compelling program that unites and energized my team.”

Chairman & CEO

Deloitte Tax LLP

“Jim initially gained the audience’s attention based on who he is and kept their attention based on what he said. He used nostalgia and related that to real world business examples and situations to illustrate his points. Jim was very prepared—tying …

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together sports, business and the theme of our conference masterfully—without overselling. We received a large amount of completely positive compliments on his appearance.”


Independent Business, Supervalu

“Jim’s keynote address really hit home with our theme of “Grow Stronger Together” by talking about true teamwork, respect and the mutual sacrifices that are made in order to achieve remarkable victories. The message really resonated with our diverse audience, and they closed the session with a standing ovation!”

President and CEO


“Thank you for joining us at our NSM. It was a pleasure for our troop to hear you speak. Your attitude, story commitment to hard work and focus on teamwork made you the perfect motivating speaker for your meeting. Please know you have a reference you can count on. Thank you again!”

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing,

Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

“Jim Craig is a wonderful spokesperson and motivational speaker. He has worked extensively with the United States Olympic Committee and our sponsors as a speaker and ambassador for the Olympic movement and Team USA. I highly recommend Jim and will be working with him again.”

Chief Marketing Officer

United States Olympic Committee

“Thank you for an inspiring presentation at our annual sales and marketing awards dinner. Your messages on teamwork, winning and value-based leadership were …

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right on point. You have proven yourself a man with rare insight, able to transmit and effectively communicate your athletic accomplishments into business winning strategies. It was a great pleasure working with you. Thanks for making our event such a huge success.”

Senior Vice President

Tufts Health Plan

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jim over an extended period of time in developing and implementing a national campaign to raise awareness of the risks, symptoms, diagnosis …

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and treatments of abdominal aortic aneurysms or AAA. Jim’s motivation comes from deep, and he is able to connect with people in a unique, compelling and personable way. His heart is in the right place, and I’ve yet to encounter anyone not moved by his tenacity, spirit and commitment to the mission.”Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Executive Vice President

Chempetitive Group

“Thanks for another masterful appearance. We truly enjoy working with you and we are all excited to be working with you for another two years.”

Western North America, Endovascular Sales

W.L. Gore & Associates

“I found Mr. Craig’s visit to be the single most powerful personal presentation I have ever been witnessed. I attend a large volume of meetings and hear any number of keynote speakers.

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Mr. Craig’s message was honest, sincere and profoundly moving. Any further hyperbole would not do his simple message justice. Thanks so much for allowing us the privilege of his company.”

Stuart Harlin


“It was great having Mr. Craig at our recent festival in Sandestin, FL. His presence shows his dedication for his cause to raise awareness of abdominal aortic aneurysms. By attending this function he raised curiosity of why he was in town …

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he uses this curiosity to inform the public on aneurysm screening and treatment. Jim’s support and praise for what we do makes not only the physicians, but our entire staff feel like champions. We realize the sacrifices he makes in his personal life for this cause and are truly thankful for all that he does.”

Aaron Montgomery


“I am looking forward to Jim giving more talks with a focus on the importance of screening and will continue to grow this program. Jim has a wonderful way to utilize his celebrity, passion and knowledge for such a good cause. This was a great visit.”

Interventional Cardiologist

Heart Care Centers of Illinois

“Watching you work is a pleasure. You’re driven, you are committed, and the way you reach people is something special to observe. You have a wonderful way of weaving a story that captures the attention of your audience, and the lengths you go to personalize moments makes it all very special.”


Gore & Associates

“I personally wanted to thank you again for coming to speak at our dinner program on Monday here in Fort Myers. It was truly a pleasure meeting you. I really appreciate your passion in discussing AAA screening and I know it will translate in more awareness among the physicians in attendance the other night. I got many calls from them the next day saying thanks and how much they enjoyed the program.”

“We brought Jim in for our event because he one of the most recognizable iconic figure in American history. Even 30 years after the “Miracle”, Jim’s name and achievements continues to be recognizable throughout America. All reports indicate we had the busiest suite of the event and we believe that is largely due to Jim’s presence. Jim was very personable, kind and patient. He promoted and represented our company in an outstanding manner.”

“The HBO documentary helped keep visitors in our suite. Once someone starts watching they get drawn in want to watch until the end. It also served as a “re-education” tool for those that may not have fully understood the significance of the accomplishment. Jim’s appearance, combined with the documentary and autographed materials significantly contributed to the success of our customer reception.”

VP Sales & Marketing

BC Technical

“We engaged Jim to host a dinner and make a booth appearance for us at a recent trade show that we have been attending for more than 10 years. We had heard attendance was down almost 40%, so we were looking for Jim to make an impact – and that’s exactly what he did from the moment he landed. He was a huge hit at dinner, meeting and talking with loyal and prospective customers.

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Not only did he talk about his career and accomplishments, but because he did his homework, Jim was a great Ambassador for our company and products as well.The next day in the booth, we played the video and had our people wear signed jerseys that we would raffle at the show. These actions worked together to build a buzz for when Jim would be in the booth. Then 5 minutes after Jim arrived, we had a line that wrapped around the corner of our booth. Jim spoke with people, signed his new book and posed for photos almost nonstop for an hour.

For any marketing activity, we measure success in terms of leads, sales calls and closed deals. We are happy to share that Jim helped us generate twice as many leads as we had in previous years. And since the show, we’ve closed two major projects and scheduled three sales calls thanks to Jim’s efforts. It was one of the best marketing investments we’ve ever made. Thanks, Jim!”

The Yukon Group

“Jim Craig recently spoke to a packed room of our Advisors and their clients. As a memento, we utilized 4×6 autographed Jim Craig pictures…one was given to each of the attendees. They were a huge hit and really put a bow around the event.”

Vice President – Wealth Management, Complex Business Development Officer

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“The memorabilia were a huge hit. I would have missed this opportunity for a personal touch had you and your team not educated me.”


Rochester Lead Works, Inc.

“The autographed materials were raffled off throughout the night at our hospitality suite. They not only helped keep people in our suite but they also drew people back for multiple visits. They were highly sought after items and created a lot of exstrongment.”

VP Sales & Marketing

BC Technical

“Rarely do I come across a speaker with the ability to captivate and inspire an audience in such a unique way. Jim’s message of teamwork, trust, sacrifice and dedication resonated throughout the room and left an indelible impression on everyone involved. It definitely solidified our relationship with key clients. I would highly recommend doing a similar event to further deepen business relationships. It creates a memorable experience for all.”

“Your new book Gold Medal Strategies was a huge hit everyone enjoyed receiving a book. I find clients keep it in their office and bring it up in conversation every time I come in. It’s a great reminder of the evening.”