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Happy Fourth of July! Gold Medal Strategies has been busy over the last couple of months recruiting and expanding our team to include Captain Tom Chaby & Colonel Rick Searfoss! We found that America’s birthday was fitting to proudly announce these two incredibly successful men who have played an integral part of what makes America so great.

Tom and Rick entered the motivational speaking field because they wanted to inspire, motivate, and mentor as many people as they could with their stories, much like myself.

Captain Tom Chaby is a true American hero and recently retire from the US Navy SEALs after 26 years of active duty. He has dedicated his life to protecting our country and freedom. With Tom’s leadership, we enjoy the privilege of living in a safe and free nation.

Colonel Rick Searfoss retired as an astronaut after piloting two space shuttle missions and commanding a third. Colonel Searfoss is one of only a handful of hopefuls ever selected to be an astronaut and his leadership led to one of NASA’s most successful space missions ever on the Space Shuttle Columbia. Rick demonstrates how innovative our country is and proves to the world that the United States can do the impossible.

Our 1980 team has been named the #1 greatest moment in sports history because of the effect we had on our nation. Representing our country on a world stage is something I will always cherish. Time and time again people tell me they remember exactly where they were and how they felt when we defeated the Russians amidst the backdrop of the Iranian hostage crisis. To most Americans, it was much more than a game but a moment that proved that the United States was unstoppable. The game gave hope to our nation at a time when we needed to believe again.

Having Tom and Rick join the Gold Medal Strategies team was undeniable. They fit seamlessly into the foundation that GMS has worked hard to create over the past 25 years. With our experience and deep desire to give back to society I am proud to have them on board!

In my humble opinion, our team embodies what it really means to be an American. Not because of our past accomplishments, but because we are devoted to inspiring people to work hard & believe in their dreams and that in this country the opportunities are limitless.  For more information on our newest partners please check out our newly revamped website : Keep an eye out for a Q&A with our newest teammate Tom Chaby coming soon!


Have a fun and safe Independence Day and continue to believe in your dreams!

Jim Craig & the Gold Medal Strategies Team

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