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All topics customizable to your needs.

I wanted to take this time and thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did with our recent campaign around Accountability, Communication and Transparency. From the moment you stepped on stage as our keynote back in December, you captured our attention. From the very start, as one of our VP's stated "you struck a cord with our team." Through your efforts, we were able to build an ongoing campaign to remind us that Teamwork and Leadership are to be worked on everyday- and can be very rewarding. Through this work, our team became better prepared to succeed. The video reminders you made for our group really motivated them to continue to live the gold medal strategies. To drive the message home, the customized materials delivered to the team really made an impact to serve as a motivating reminder. Jim, what truly capped off the 6 month campaign was when we had you back in June. We have had many speakers throughout the years- you are the only one we have ever had return to speak to the same group. As you can tell by the warm reception you received, the team was extremely happy to have you back. The way you tied in the last 6 months was truly skillful. The way your keynote wove video clips from the movie Miracle was both unique and impressive. Thank you simply does not seem to say it all. You were excellent. Again, you and your team were extremely prepared, on top of your game and your attention to detail is second to none. Thanks once again- I truly appreciate your passion and dedication.

Director, US Managed Markets Training,
Sales Training & Leadership Development,

“Jim, “thank you” doesn’t seem enough to describe the gratefulness we feel about your impact on our National Sales Meeting last week in Albuquerque. Of course it was great to meet you, and spend time with an American sports icon…However, the thing that means the most to me is that you took the time to get to know Healthpoint, individually and as a company…our culture… and that you challenged leadership, as well as the sales force, to look at things in a different way. As a company, we have made it through some tough times over the past few years, and it would be easy to sit back and enjoy the calmer waters we have, but that is not what will lead us to long term success. Jim, you provided a good jolt of perspective for us, and helped us better understand that we need to pull greatness out of each other, to help us sustain the success we are having; not take it for granted.Thank you also for showing us a bit of who you are, and not just the American sports icon. I enjoyed hearing about your success in print sales, taking a territory from $300K to $50 Million plus; about your parents, being a part of a large Irish catholic family, your daughter’s hockey team and more. These are all things that helped me and our group, not only see you as the guy on the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal stand, but as a guy we can relate to…a guy who came from little, like a lot of us, and made success happen. Thank you for inspiring us to live a life that will leave a legacy as you are. I look forward to working with you again Jim. Until then, I sincerely wish you and yours well.”

Associate Director of Sales Operations