Jim Craig guides, motivates, and inspires your employees and associates through a 45-minute to one-hour speech that is customized to your organization’s needs and objectives.

Book Jim Craig and you'll hit the trifecta!

  • An Olympic Gold Medalist and Hall of Fame athlete
  • A Hall of Fame Sales Consultant & Author
  • A Business Owner and Winning Entrepreneur

Jim will customize everything to fit your goals!

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Jim's Favorite Speech Topics:


When speaking to your organization, Jim draws from his experiences with the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team and his 30 years of sales & marketing experience to customize a speech that is tailored to driving your organization to achieve any desired goals and beyond.

The Power of Teamwork

Very few things great are done alone. Epic achievement is almost always the result of successful and enduring collaboration. Jim explains and details the elements of winning teamwork. He provides specific examples from the experience of the U.S. “Miracle on Ice” hockey team, and how it confounded the experts, made history … and made it to the top of the podium.

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Meticulous Recruiting

Jim will provide you with insights on how to recruit the right people, how to put them in the right positions, and how to pull greatness out of each individual to contribute to a bigger goal.

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Commitment to Excellence

Jim has studied … and continues to study and research … what inspires the pursuit of excellence in those who achieve greatness. He describes what is it that separates those content with good enough, and with all right, and with the okay … and those who have an unquenchable thirst and drive to make history and establish the highest standards.

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Shared Dream

Success happens when you believe in winning then you prepare to make it happen. Great Teams accomplish more than great individuals, no one is bigger than the team. Jim shows you how to win collectively vs. individually.

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Real or Invented Enemy

Jim believes that the main rival you should compare yourself to is the performer that you were yesterday. He will challenge you to have to make your team every year.

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Winning Underdogs

Jim uses his past experiences in both the athletic and business worlds to show how to use the underdog status as a powerful tool. He explains why failure isn't fatal but being afraid to fail is.

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Managing Through Ego & Conflict

Let Jim show you how ego can be swagger. With conflict comes change, let Jim teach you how to manage both of these important ingredients for success.

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How and Why Great Companies Win

The impossible becomes possible when you believe. Jim knows what it takes to be a winner and will explain what it really means to be a true professional. He will talk about winner’s character, how they prepare, their priorities, and how to handle victory & defeat. As Jim often tells audiences, “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Jim shares the elements and fundamental components of goal setting, defining missions – and then going confidently … and smartly … in the direction of your dreams.

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The Difference Between Loyalty & Leadership:

Not everyone has the talent to be a true leader. Jim will explain what it takes to be a great leader and how leaders have the ability to make or break the team. Leaders always do what is right for the betterment of the team. They have the ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and put them in positions to succeed.

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Staying Young to Create the Future

Don't confuse being busy with being productive, success can be your biggest enemy. Jim believes that you should not limit yourself to small goals or underestimate your personal ability to become more successful.

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Transformational (Change) Management

Jim believes that getting comfortable is being uncomfortable. He will talk about how he and his teammates had to change the way they thought, trained, and played under the guidance and vision of Herb Brooks. He will show you how transformation change can be executed and how this can aid your organization to perform more effectively.

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Victim or Victor

You are what you see, you always have a choice to be the victim or the victor. Jim will make you understand that intense discomfort is the price tag for personal greatness.

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I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much your keynote address at our recent Aftermarket Expo was appreciated. Your message of teamwork and being committed to a shared dream is exactly what we were hoping for and the manner in which you incorporated the 1980 Olympic experience into the message and told it from the heart made our meeting a complete success. I have received many compliments and comments of gratitude from our meeting attendees since your address and to a person they all raved how on point and succinct your message was and how it gave them the encouragement they need to go home and make the changes in their organization that are needed to realize their dreams like the 1980 hockey team did. Your down home style of presentation that comes from the heart is exactly what we needed and it resonated very well with our attendees. Thanks so much for your preparation and presentation, you were the closing we needed and in hockey terms you delivered a hat trick!!”

Deere & Company

Jim recently addressed a group of our most senior leaders and clearly connected with them from the moment he took the stage. His messaging was completely on point with the theme of our meeting and his presentation served to both entertain and motivate our audience. The overall consensus from our leaders was that Jim was truly one of the best outside speakers with whom we have worked. In fact, our firm has engaged Jim more than once, truly a testament to his abilities.”

Regional Tax Managing Partner – Northeast

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