A sample of the companies that have put Jim Craig
to work as their spokesperson:

Old Spice

Television Commercial, Print

Gore Medical

Keynote Addresses, Media Interviews, Web Advertising, Forums

Walt Disney

Print Ad, Keynote Addresses


Print Ad, Youth Clinics, Keynote Addresses, Radio, Public Service Announcement


Television Commercial, Two-Year Spokesperson, Print, Youth Clinics, Keynote Addresses, Public Service Announcement

Jim’s work with W.L. Gore:

For the past few years, Jim is committed to his work to the Ultimate SAAAVE campaign. Jim is a valuable member of a team that is working hard to make sure that every person who is at-risk for AAA (An Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm is the swelling or ballooning of the abdominal aorta). That team is composed of referring community physicians, AAA screening sites and practices, and the AAA specialists who treat those who suffer from the condition. Jim does this through the generous support of W.L. Gore & Associates, who sponsors him to speak at a variety of events across the country. Together, this team is making a difference in the lives of people across the country as they educate and screen to battle the silent killer that is AAA. Learn more about Jim’s work as a national spokesperson on behalf of an important health information campaign: www.ultimatesaaave.com

On behalf of Kellogg Company, we wanted to thank you for a successful kick off to the "Kellogg’s Great Starts" athlete tour. Our employees were captivated by your journey to the Olympics and were inspired by your advice to get "comfortable with the uncomfortable". As well, your personal anecdotes helped keep the group engaged and they were on the edge of their seats awaiting your next tip on how to succeed. As seen by our employee feedback, you were able to motivate the team to push for their personal best and step outside their comfort zone. Multiple people shared that you were the best speaker they have seen and you really raised the energy within our organization. For me, I will continue to inspire my team to be a “team of dreamers” so we can all reach our greatness.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Doug VanDeVelde, Senior Vice President
Morning Foods Marketing and Innovation,
Kellogg Company